The impacts of dogs on wildlife and water quality: A literature review

Compiled by Lori Hennings, Metro Parks and Nature, April 2016
Photo by Ron Fung on Unsplash

Metro periodically reviews the science literature behind its natural resource policies to ensure policies
are based on the most current science. Recently staff reviewed the scientific literature regarding the
impacts of dogs on wildlife to inform Metro Regulatory Code Title 10.01, which excludes pets from most
Metro properties. The only exceptions are service dogs, leashed dogs on some regional trails, Broughton
Beach, boat ramps and properties managed by others through intergovernmental agreements that are
integrated into larger parks where leashed dogs are allowed (e.g., Forest Park).
Any human related activity can disturb wildlife. In order to meet Metro’s dual goals of protecting natural
resources and providing access to nature, Metro has tried to strategically locate trails in less sensitive
habitat and to ensure that human activity is as non-disruptive as possible. Part of that strategy has been
to allow public access, while limiting certain activities such as bringing dogs into natural areas.

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