distribute posters

8.5×11 flyer

Download this flyer. We recommend that you print as many copies as you’d like, have them laminated and post them throughout your neighborhood or along your favorite walking trail.

If you attach this sign to your bag distribution station, write your name and phone number on it (optional).

free download link

install a dispenser

Request a Dispenser

We’re not there yet but the plan is to find a sponsor who will donate the dispensers.

Stay tuned!

Or email us to get your name on a list for when we have this in place:

Subject line: bag dispenser request

adopt a trail


Be the point person for your neighborhood or favorite walking trail. We need people willing to:

  1. Install the dispensers (once we have them!)
  2. Print, laminate and distribute flyers
  3. Recruit more people in your area to help

Email us: tahoedogpoop@gmail.com
Subject line: volunteer

Poop Marker Postcards

It’s time to get noticed. Skewer the postcard with a stick and plunk it in the ground next to a poop pile that someone neglected to pick up. Spread the word!

You can print the postcard yourself, find the sticks online or locally at the AceHardware and you are in business.

Order the postcards and sticks here in groups of 10, 25 or 100. The postcards will be pre-punched for easy threading of the stick.

Now let’s get busy and clean up our village!


Poop Patrol Cards

10 pcs $4 | 25 pcs $5 | 100 pcs $15

Prices include shipping

order Poop Patrol cards from our sponsor: tahoeTshirtsandgifts.com prices include shipping

Cards & Sticks

10pcs ea $8 | 25pcs ea $18 | 100pcs ea $44

Prices include shipping

order cards and sticks from our sponsor: tahoeTshirtsandgifts.com prices include shipping

other supplies


Skewer sticks $1/100


1/8″ hole punch $6