what is poop patrol

Membership is open to anyone who is fed up with the dog poop that is left all over the ground in your neighborhood, on the streets, in front of your house!, in the woods, on hiking trails and even on the beach.

Not only is this unsanitary, it does not make for healthy drinking water.

If you have made it this far, you are ready to take action. You are the type of person who wants to make a difference.

If we all work together, we can.

issue citations

Be prepared to issue a citation. See the process here. You can do it! Anyone can issue a citizen citation. Be prepared to follow through. You may have to go to court and testify.

If enough people join this movement, we can begin making these people pay with their wallets. THEN they will understand–don’t leave dog poop on the ground!

We need to make it socially unacceptable to be seen walking a dog WITHOUT a poop collection device. 

what can i do?
  1. Talk to people
  2. Set up a bag station
  3. Pass out cards
  4. Mark transgressions with signs
  5. Be observant
  6. Take photos
  7. Issue citations
the tools
  1. Printed materials, including signage, cards to pass out to neighbors and signs for marking poop on the ground
  2. Links for purchasing supplies such as signage, poop bag stations and other items
  3. Instructions on how to issue a citation

Join the Poop Patrol

Put your irritation to good use. You will find all the tools you need to help you in cleaning up your neighborhood or your favorite walking trail.

Welcome to the effort.

I'm In!