Pet waste and bathing beaches

A guide for pet owners on environmentally sound waste disposal practices to protect the recreational waters of Massachusetts.

Health risks possibly associated with pet waste

Pet waste can contain bacteria and parasites, causing infections such as the following:

  • Campylobacteriosis: A bacterial infection that causes diarrhea in humans
  • Giardiasis: A protozoan infection of the small intestine that can cause diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, and weight loss
  • Salmonellosis: Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Toxocariasis: An animal to human infection that is caused by roundworms found in the intestines of dogs. The parasite can cause vision loss, rash, fever or cough, and is a particular threat to children exposed to parasite eggs in sand and soil.

Read more of this public health department announcement on here

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