Merde, Merde, And Encore Merde – Why Dog Poop Is A Shitty Affair In France

By Tamara Thiessen 22/08/2021

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

So, I’m coming back from the shops, and I see a woman ahead of me picking up after her dog. I just can’t hold back – it’s such an unusual sight to see people scooping up dog poop in France.

“Madame, I want to give you a medal for doing that!” I exclaim.

Fortunately, I choose someone with both a sense of humor – and an honest view of the French on this matter. 

She laughs and then says, “It’s rare, I know. The question pops up at every public meeting. But still, nothing much comes of it.”

“Why? What is the reason for such resistance?” 

She puts it down to “laziness”.

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