Yep, This is Litter

The question is, what are we going to do about it? I’ve been on Poop Patrol for a loooong time and I rarely catch people in the act, so I know this will not be easy.

We need to catch people as they leave their deposits, snap a photo, figure out who they are, and issue a citation.

Then, you will need to be willing to appear in court to testify. So, not easy.

I even have spy cameras but have yet to deploy them. I’m serious about this mission!

Photo by Cam Bradford on Unsplash

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Who to Call

This information comes from an article from the SierraSun. Seems we are not the only ones thinking about litter and what to do about it. 

Anyone can report littering by writing down a license plate or address and pursue making the equivalent to a citizen’s arrest.

The caveat is that person would need to call one of the multiple agencies responsible for upholding the law, sign the citation and show up in court, if necessary.

Those interested in reporting graffiti, littering or persons leaving garbage next to a dumpster or garbage can, call the agency residing over that jurisdiction. Below is a short list of agencies.

In North Lake Tahoe/Truckee California:

Placer County: call 530-886-5375 if you see illegal dumping I progress. If you see an illegal dump site you can submit an online report at:

Kings Beach State Recreation Area (530) 523-3203

Donner Memorial State Park (530) 523-3203

California Highway Patrol: 1-800-835-5247, or the local Truckee office (530) 563-9200

In North Lake Tahoe Nevada:

Washoe County: call 775-785-WCSO if you see illegal dumping in progress. If you see an illegal dumpsite use the app iPhone Google Play

Sand Harbor State Park (775) 831-0494

Spooner State Park (775) 749-5980

Carson Ranger District (775) 882-2766

Nevada Highway Patrol: (775) 687-5300

It takes a village

Obviously, any litter is bad for the environment, bad for esthetics and bad for our health. So if you see ANY infractions, please step up and make a difference. 

Littering is a misdemeanor in the state of Nevada and any law enforcement officer can issue a littering citation. Including court fees in Washoe County, first-time offenses add up to approximately $625. The minimum fine for littering is $500 and for first offenders it could cost up to $1,000 and include six months in jail.