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Pet Waste Concerns: Rhode Island

Photo by John Yunker on Unsplash RHODE ISLAND IS A STATE RICH IN WATER RESOURCES. From our freshwater lakes and ponds,rivers and streams, and abundant groundwater resources to our coastal ponds, estuaries, NarragansettBay, and the Atlantic Ocean, our water resources sustain our livelihood. Our land use activities affectthe quality of these water resources. There are […]

Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes, but your dog shouldn’t.

Even responsible pet owners do it all the time. They’ll take their dog for a walk in the woods and won’t bother picking up his feces, an oversight they’d never consider on a walk around the neighborhood. Maybe they think, “Hey, it’s the woods, nobody’s going to step in it.” Or, “Hey, it’ll decompose and […]

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